The story of Muddy Boot began as a road trip out West with a Subaru, a homemade yurt, and an open mind…

Eventually, Seth, the founder, formulator, and face of Muddy Boot, landed on a hemp farm near Salem, OR, where he spent nearly two years learning, growing, managing, and conjuring the inspiration for a pursuit of his own.

Skincare has become a daily thought and mindset ever since Seth was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of eighteen. After taking part in a variety of treatments over the years, resulting in constant frustration and side effects, he decided to use his knowledge and passion for hemp to carve a path in skincare and self-care.

Muddy Boot is the brainchild stemming from this culmination of experiences.

Our journey has matured from a manic, “mad scientist” marvel into a well-rounded provider of numerous solutions for relief and relaxation.

From learning the basics of farmer’s market booths to studying the magic of soap making, we rely on goal setting and connecting with our community to carry out a mission for effective, affordable, and natural healing. We stand strong in our efforts to raise the standard for quality CBD products while offering realistic price points suited for anyone in need.

Using CBD needs to be an inclusive, daily experience meant to guide any willing soul towards alleviating their imbalances. CBD is not a cure nor is it a sole solution for any particular issue, but, it is a powerful compound with an overwhelming association to the human body, helping achieve homeostasis and proper functioning of our vital systems.

Let us guide you on a journey full of skincare, self-care, and well intentioned wellness, and experience the relief Seth felt when he first made the switch to a CBD routine.

Muddy Boot Botanicals Salem Oregon


Born and raised in Maryland, Seth is an aspiring entrepreneur and adventurous spirit who landed in Salem in 2018. Seth is passionate about farming, and this allowed him to work and travel and find a place to call home. In his free time, he enjoys spontaneous road trips, wood stoves, and the simpler parts of life.