Guest Blog Post by Adam and Elaine Navarro, aka Tots Dad and Tots Mom

A Little Background

Our mantra is that being parents shouldn’t mean you have to leave your pre-kid life in the rearview mirror. Yes, kids make things a bit more complicated and everything takes 20 times longer than it should. But with a little planning and some solid guidance, parents should still be able to enjoy their outings to wineries, breweries, cideries, and tap houses…all with their kids in tow! And equally as important, kids can also enjoy their time visiting these places, too. It’s a win-win.

So, what is Tasting with Tots?

Tasting with Tots helps families plan visits to wineries, breweries, cideries, and tap houses that are certified “Tot-friendly.”  We visit these fine establishments and give you a full report of what to expect in our Tots Blog. We get it – venturing outside the home with kids can be overwhelming! There’s nothing worse than going to the trouble of planning an outing, packing up the kids (and ALL their stuff), and heading out to a new spot only to find out that kids aren’t allowed or the amenities you were hoping for simply aren’t there. Tasting with Tots takes out the guesswork to ensure that everyone in your crew will enjoy their day and you parents can enjoy an adult beverage in ease.

Think of us as your friendly resource for not just surviving, but downright loving, outings with your kiddos to local wineries, breweries, cideries, and tap houses. We let you know about the tot amenities at each location – green space, kids activities, picnic-friendly, high chairs/changing tables…you name it!

Have a spot you’d like the Tots Crew to go check out? Let us know! Subscribe to the Tots Blog ( and follow us on IG (@tasting_with_tots_pnw) and Facebook (@tastingwithtots) to experience highlights from our adventures to the area’s best Tot-approved establishments and then most importantly, plan your own outings without worry!

ABOUT THE AUTHORS— Adam and Elaine Navarro 

Hi! We’re Adam and Elaine Navarro aka Tots Dad and Tots Mom. By day, Tots Dad is founder and Head Coach at our local boxing gym, Toe 2 Toe Boxing in Keizer, and Tots Mom is founder and Chief Awesome Officer at Just Look Left – Creative Grant Consulting. But on the weekends, best believe that we are “working hard” to find awesome Tot-friendly destinations and give you an in-depth look of exactly what to expect. We have three tots that join us on our outings – Anna age 7 (Tot #1), Ellis age 2 (Tot #2), and Joplin age 8 weeks (Tots #3). We love exploring new places and sharing our experiences in the hopes of empowering parents to get out of the house, try something new, and make awesome memories with their tots. Follow along on all the fun!