Guest Blog Post by Danial Ficek, owner of D2 Photography, LLC

I can’t count how many times we hear this from people when we tell them we specialize in professional headshots. Often, their most recent headshot was taken with a very expensive smartphone and was likely a selfie. While the camera may take a great photo, the image usually has poor lighting, no background (due to the “standard” high and down angle of the phone), a held expression and no personality! No wonder so many people think they aren’t photogenic! Maybe, you’ve scrolled through LinkedIn and you’re looking for a local attorney to win your legal battle and when you click on the photo, it’s an image of them standing on the beach with a cocktail in their hand. Is that the person you want representing you? It’s a great photo to share of your vacation, but is it really the right image to portray for the professional, confident in their field?

This is where having a professional headshot photographer comes into play. In the past, you may remember looking for a company to work with by pulling out the phone book and flipping through the yellow pages. Those days are gone! Now, people hop on Google, and they are searching for your brand. When they land on your page or your profile, are they going to find an image that shouts confidence and approachability? The image that makes the client say, “That’s the one for me!” With most people carrying the internet in their pocket, you can guarantee they are researching you before hiring you as an employee or researching you prior to choosing your business to work with. The first glimpse a person often gets of you, that first impression, is usually the image they find of you on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Confidence and Approachability lead to an image with LOOKABILITY! We are flooded with images today through social media. You want people to stop and look at your image and KNOW that you portray the confidence to get the job done! If your headshot isn’t doing that, then it’s not working for you! It’s important to get your best look out there because your headshot may be the first impression a future client or employer gets of you!

At D2 Photography, we do all our sessions tethered to a computer so you can view and choose the images you want BEFORE the session ends. This allows a fast turnaround after minor retouch before the images are sent out to you. If it has been years since you last had a headshot, you’ve had major changes in appearance or you are currently using that selfie image you took on last year’s vacation, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you scheduled and put the best “you” out there to represent your brand and service!


Dan owns D2 Photography, LLC with his wife of sixteen years, Deborah. When he’s not taking photos, he works full time for the State of Oregon’s Child Welfare ensuring the safety of children in the community and helping families with needed resources. Photography is a way to have fun at work and give back to the community. We often take photos for adoption ceremonies and resource families for children in care.